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Egyptian Students Get 50% Fee Reduction to Imperial College London's Engineering Faculty

The deal was announced by Egypt's Ministry of Higher Education on Saturday.

In a Saturday statement by Egypt's Ministry of Higher Education, it was announced that Egyptian students seeking degrees from the Imperial College of London's engineering faculty will be subject to a 50 percent reduction in fees, while a standing agreement with University College London to keep the fees for Egyptian students discounted at 25 percent was also renewed, Masrawy reports.

Both deals were the result of efforts by the ministry's cultural office in London, which focuses on bolstering mutual cooperation between the Egyptian and British governments in terms of education and culture exchange programmes.

Similarly, another agreement with the University of Aberdeen to reduce fees by 10 percent for Egyptian students will remain in effect, according to the statement.

Imperial College London is a public UK research university, which was established in 1907 and consistently ranks among the world's top universities.