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Egyptian Taxi Driver in Dubai Sentenced to Jail for Sexually Assaulting U.S Navy Officer

The driver was deported after due process.

woman riding dubai taxi

An Egyptian taxi driver residing in Dubai was sentenced to six months in prison to be followed by deportation for sexually assaulting a female U.S. Navy officer, as reported by Associated Press

The driver, 34, was initially convicted during March 2017, but was cleared of the charge. However, this week, the driver lost his case after prosecutors appealed against him once more at Dubai's Court of Appeal.

According to The National, the 34-year-old driver grabbed the thigh of the 22-year-old officer, before forcing her to touch his groin after he picked her up from a Jebel Ali port in March 2017.

The taxi driver was initially cleared of the charge in a lower court, but prosecutors appealed and won a conviction at Dubai's Court of Appeal.


Sexual harassment has been a hot topic globally, and is particularly rampant in Egypt. As of recently, initiatives like Heya are attempting to increase awareness on the epidemic social issue.

Main image from Alles Over Dubai