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Egyptian Wife Refuses Husband's Plea to Look Like Kim K

In a rare court win, an Egyptian woman has successfully divorced her husband who insisted she look more like Mrs. Kardashian West.

Thanks to Hollywood and media, the perception of true beauty has been skewed from being natural to becoming plastic and artificial. Refusing to alter her body or appearance is one strong independent Egyptian woman who has filed for divorce from her husband who demands she look like Kim Kardashian or Haifa Wehbe.

Entering the Cairo family court the odds were stacked against the frustrated wife known as Rahma. Using Khula, a provision in Shariah law that allows women to get divorced in exchange for the dowry paid by the husband, Rahma filed divorced despite knowing that it is uncommon for women to win divorce cases.

According to Egyptian news website Masrawy, who reported story on Tuesday, Rahma pleaded to the judge eloquently making her case saying “He cheated on me for no reason. I work and I have a two-year old child. I did not deprive him of his legal rights, but he wants me to look like Haifa Wehbe and Kim Kardashian, and I am not like these artificial dolls.” Rahma knew it was over after finding out about her husband's adultery, telling the court “When I knew he cheated on me, I could not continue being with him.”

Trying to sway the case to his side the husband inarticulately states “I got married to stop myself from sinning, but my wife did not take care of me at all even with intercourse. I cheated on her with another woman because I felt she [the wife] was manlier than me.” Somehow this defense seemed not to impress the court, and in a rare outcome the court granted Rahma the divorce proving that justice can be served, especially if you are married to a dickhead.