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Egyptians Are Freaking Out Over the Athlete With the Saudi Flag at the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Egypt’s flag and Saudi Arabia’s flags are pretty distinct, no? So, this Egyptian athlete Hamada Talat cannot have possibly held this flag accidentally in the Rio 2016 Olympics’ Parade of the Nations...

Egyptians have a tendency to wave their country’s flag in all national, and international occasions that involve Egypt – but when did Saudi Arabia become part of our celebrations? Olympic shooting athlete, Hamada Talaat, was spotted in the Parade of the Nations in Rio’s 2016 Olympics holding a green flag.

Most reactions on social media were of disappointment, anger, and more anger; sparking the hashtag #Bring_Back_Hamada, suggesting that parading around with a Saudi flag is disrespectful to Egypt’s representation in the Olympics, and Talaat should be disqualified. Here are some of the reactions:

On our Facebook page, it went something like this:

But on Twitter, it went a little something like this:

Some believe Talaat is just ignorant and not proud enough of his identity...


It was not an option, maybe...


Okay, guys, you're not behaving – we're all going home now. No more Olympics for you...

Some believed it was the shahaada in the flag that prompted his actions...

And finally, conspiracy theories are essential in any Egyptian event...


We got nothing personal against the Saudis, and we’re just not sure what Talaat’s intention is – perhaps this is Talaat’s way of supporting el-Sisi’s recent agreements and relations with Saudi Arabia?

Photo by El Watan News.

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