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Egyptians Purchasing Online Love for Valentine’s Day Increase by 72%

Valentine's Day-related online transactions in Egypt witnessed a whopping 72% increase since 2014, according to MasterCard's recently released Love Index report.

Since 2014, Egypt's online Valentine's Day purchases witnessed a 72% increase, with more than 19,000 transactions being last-minute decisions, according to MasterCard Love Index report, which analyses Valentine's Day online transactions in different regions around the world.

The whopping figure follows a rising buying trend in the Middle East and Africa, which have witnessed a similar 71% increase in Valentine's Day online purchases over the same period. According to the Mastercard Love Index, Middle Easterns spend around 43% of their Valentine's day budget on hotel bookings followed by 22% on jewellery.

The report noted that the figure doesn't give a full image to the volume of Valentine's Day transactions, with around 95% of Valentine's Day purchases around the world still taking place in person.