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Is This Egypt's Worst Comedian?

One Egyptian man has made it his mission to break the stereotype that all Egyptians by bombarding the internet with jokes so bad, they're good.

In life there are many questions that we may never find answers to. Is there life on Mars? How did the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids? Why does El Khalil Comedy exist? A one man show who has four profiles on Facebook, an application, a YouTube channel and of course a website. Khalil is everything that comedy should not be, something that puts you in excruciating pain.


He posts his, “funny” videos on his Facebook page and then proceeds to like them and comment on them using his many different profiles. Point is though, by being the worst comedian probably in the universe he has managed to accomplish his aim of increasing viewership and getting talked about, with the real comedy being the comments posted on his videos.


No need to say more, check out these videos:


لما مديرك في الشغل يقولك إتأخرت ليه ههههههههه

لمشاهده الفيديو بجوه HD 1080 إضغط علي رابط اليوتيوب هنا   #الخليل_كوميدي أصل #الكوميديا في #مصر ، #المنصوره

Posted by ‎الخليل كوميدي دوت كوم برعايه المنولوجست / أحمد حسن خليل 01003299910‎ on Saturday, 27 December 2014

It is worth noting that this talent machine also comes up with his very own jokes.