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El Fast Wel Furious

Vin Diesel has announced that Fast and Furious 8 will be shot in Egypt. We ponder how the storyline might unfold...

We can just imagine the plotline now, Brian O'Connor is speeding along the da2ery at 100 miles per hour racing Domonic Toretto. They've both got souped up Fiat 128s. Dom reaches for the NOS - it doesn't work. Mekaniky Ahmed has conned him and used window cleaner instead of NOS. They are then both stopped at a lagna. The police officer demands to see their papers, and as they turn around to fetch them from their cars, it's too late: they've been stolen. Brian bribes the cop with 50 LE and they speed off again for ten seconds. They then get stuck in traffic for the next two and a half hours of the film, to the soundtrack of beeping and robabikya.