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El Mazzikateya Make The Metro Festive With Flashmob Carols

We really hope El Mazzikateya will do this on one of our trains.

Travelling really sucks sometimes. Jammed into a metro car or on an airplane with about a million other people can be a stressful, sweaty, and smelly experience. The gross feeling of having other people smooshed up against you and, God forbid, having to talk to them can be enough to put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It sucks and we hate it.
But now the guys from El Mazzikateya are popping up to brighten the drudgery of forced human contact by performing, flashmob style, on airplanes and on metro trains. 
المزيكاتيا ف الطيارة - El Mazzikateya Plane Flashmob

دايما لما تركب الطيارة تلاقي الناس جد جدا و كل واحد ف حاله و جو حزين كده.. قررنا نكسر الموضوع ده و نلعب مزيكا ف الطيارة و خلينا كل الطيارة تغني معانا Whenever you take a plane you find all passengers very formal, no one talk or even smile, we decided to break this mood with a music flashmob and everyone was singing with usتصوير: ايمن عارف - Video by Ayman Aref Saad Photographyتسجيل صوت مضيف الطيارة: سلمى ابو ضيف#اكتشف_مصر#Discover_Egyptلفيديوهات اكتر للمزيكاتيا - For more El Mazzikateya videos

Posted by ‎El Mazzikateya - المزيكاتيا‎ on Sunday, December 27, 2015
Not only does a spirited rendition of Egyptian folk tunes played on classic instruments make the mind-numbing commute or flight less miserable, it can downright make you feel feelings - not like the usual apathy and cold ennui either. 
Now they’ve sprung up again in the Cairo Metro tunnels to surprise all the human-sardines with humourous Christmas carols.
وي ويش يو أميري كريسماس أند آهبي نيو يير :D :D

وي ويش يو أميري كريسماس أند آهبي نيو يير :D :Dهو المترو ده ملوش اهل يسألو عليه :D :Dيلا اتفرجو وكل سنة وانتو طيبيين

Posted by Society problems on Sunday, December 27, 2015
Damn, if that doesn’t make us just feel cheerful. Ugh, we’re going to be sick.