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El Mouled Remixed

People are always asking us how we manage to smile and put on a good face despite the ever-saddening state of our motherland. The answer is quite simple.

You know that old saying about drinking to forget? Well we’ve found that if you go hard enough with this philosophy, a sort of Memento-style amnesia sets in, and we forget literally everything we know about our lives, our jobs, and our politics. Every morning we wake up (albeit hungover) with the same excitement you might expect from a fresh-off-the-boat foreigner who hasn’t been harassed enough for the novelty of Egypt to wear off. But every now and then, that bitch called deja-vu sets in and we get a sense of familiarity. Like when we’re at Nacelle for the 20 millionth time or it’s about to be our turn for karaoke at Amici. We drink straight through it because, at the end of the day, we fucking love Nacelle and Amici, but it still feels a bit familiar, and we prefer everything to be fresh and exciting for us. So you can bet your ass that we’re legitimately stoked (and might actually stay relatively sober) for the upcoming 12 unique parties organised by My Event.

The party planners at My Event are looking to make waves in the Cairo party scene with a series of fabulous theme-nights at Yasso Lebanese Lounge. We mean Yasso. We mean Y-Lounge. (It’s hard to keep up with their ever-changing identity – one of the reasons this club remains close to our hearts.) For the next 12 weeks Y-Lounge will be completely transformed for these Thursday night fetes. We don’t have the full lineup yet, but we hear one week the concept will be Las Vegas. We doubt there will be strippers and million dollar jackpots, but it should be a sinfully splendid night just the same.

This Thursday, for the launch of My Event’s Y-Lounge invasion, the organising geniuses are throwing a not-so-traditional Mouled. The folkloric concept starts off sounding pretty 3ady, with tannoura dancers and lots of bright colours, but rest assured, this is not your average “ethnic” event. Oka and Ortega will be bringing their sweetsha3by sounds, while – holy shit – FIRE THROWERS perform alongside Argentinean dancers. Sounds pretty badass, right? It gets better. While the Arabic music DJs do their thing, you can toss rings carnival-style for a chance to win some amazing prizes. No, not some lame ‘one-size fits all’ t-shirt that won’t fit and you’ll never wear – the prizes are bottles of Black Label, which fit EVERYONE. Oh and there’s going to be free tequila pouring throughout the night, as well as chances to win free cocktails. We can’t wait to not remember a thing about this wild night (thank God for Cairo Zoom, the documenters of our bad decisions.)

My Event’s El Mouled, Thursday 7th February, Y-Lounge @ Trianon Boat, Giza. 200LE entrance fee, 200LE bouchon. For reservations, call 010 9312 1121.