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Epic 3D Technology Showcases Secrets of Egyptian Mummies Insides

New scanning technology being used in Australia is completely changing the way we see Egyptian mummies, allowing the public for the first time to virtually strip layers revealing their insides.

As if being enveloped in layers of fabric and shoved under the ground weren’t enough of an indication that mummies just don’t want you to know what the heck they got up to in their lives. Now they have to watch us use weird computer and space age technology to see their insides.

The computed tomography (CT) scanning of mummies is no newbie when it comes to unveiling what is underneath all of the cloth. Now, a British-Australian exhibition is combining CT scanning along with interactive 3D technology to exhibit models of 6 Egyptian mummies. At the exhibition, the public can virtually strip away layers of the mummy to uncover what is left of their biological and anatomical composition over the years of their mummification. Grungy!

Researchers have been able to access leftover veins and arteries, which uncovered illnesses and diseases that may have led to the death of some who had lived along the Nile river. Last year, some researchers were able to find a probe and parts of a brain in the skull of a man. So now we’re going to find out the thoughts of mummies! Not really, but we can access enough information to get a feel of what their lives were like and even the social status in which they lived when we can read the other objects they were buried with. But that’s work for the future.

The exhibition will be showcased in Sydney, Australia from the 10th of December to the 15th. Sadly, we can’t go. But maybe when we can finally virtually uncover the secrets of mummies here in Egypt, they can tell us why they were so obsessed with cats.

Photo courtesy of Reuters