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Eslam El Sha'ary's World Fusion Sounds Next Sunday at CJC

Famous for his Sufi Chants, and World Fusion sounds, Eslam El Sha'ary is a regular favourite at Cairo Jazz Club and will return this Sunday.

It's Jazz Sunday at CJC with Eslam El-Sha'ary and we cannot wait. Half Pakistani and half Egyptian, Eslam El Sha'ary is one of the few on the scene catering to this type of music, namely World Fusion and Sufi Chants. He might not do any Sufi chanting at CJC, but his other sound is enough for a promising killer performance. We've seen him time and time again at various venues across Egypt, and one thing is for sure: he never fails to impress.The man is a multi-instrumentalist that has his head in the skies and his heart in the Orient, utilising several Oriental instruments like the Afghan rabab, Persian tar, and dukduk. His last time at CJC, he was accompanied by a three-piece ensemble, but this time he's going solo. His time spent between the mountains of Sinai instilled in him a sense of tranquility that is hard not to notice. His music wasn't left alone, either; the oh-so-wondrous Sinai influence has taken its effect on it. Apparently, he spent a long time meditating in the deserts of Sinai, and it shows in his sets. If you're at all interested in World Music, you need to be there.

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