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European Union Turns to Egypt as a Solution for Migration Crisis

Egypt stands at a strategic place – both geographically and figuratively speaking – to help the EU stop boats from crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

syrian refugees in egypt

The European Union is beginning talks with Egypt regarding the migration crisis of immigrants moving from African lands to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea, according to the Associated Press.

Although no statement has been made on Egypt’s behalf, there will be a meeting held during the UN general embassy between Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, and President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi next week to further negotiate the issue. This follows a meeting held last Sunday regarding illegal migration between Al Sisi and the Chancellor of Austria.

In return for Egypt’s service, the European Union has intends to provide financial support, economic partnerships, and investment opportunities.

“Egypt has proven that it can be efficient, [since it has previously] prevented ships sailing from Egypt to Europe,” Sebastien Kurz, Austrian Chancellor, reportedly said. He further added that Egypt would potentially be the first North African country to cooperate on such matters.

This isn’t the first time the EU prompts a migration deal with Egypt; in July, Ali Abdel Aal – spokesperson for the House of Representatives – rejected a proposition from the EU to build refugee and asylum centres in the country, claiming that it does not comply with Egypt’s constitution.

A total of 221,675 refugees are currently registered in Egypt, according to a 2018 United Nations report, with the majority of the refugees being Syrian.

Main image from Borgen Magazine.