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Everybody’s A Winner With Gianaclis Wines

Gianaclis Vineyards is celebrating another round of accolades for their wines by giving away a bunch of prizes.

Like you needed an excuse to drink more wine, the award winning Gianaclis Vineyard is giving away a bunch of free stuff. Order their acclaimed Grand Marquis red or Ayam red or white at specific locations and you’ll receive a coaster with a little scratchy code on it. Manage to get that awful scratch code dust off and you’ll have won! 
That’s right, everyone wins! Corkscrews, glass sets, even a night at The Royal Kempinkski are up for grabs. Plus you’ll be drinking some of the finest wine in Egypt so, all in all, it’s a pretty big score. 
Tomorrow, December 4th, is your last chance to get in on this, so you better hurry. Get to either the L’Aubergine Heliopolis or the Smokery in Kattameya between 9 PM and 1 AM and get some of that scratch dust under your nails to win!