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Exclusive Pics: Cairo Traders in Ghost Town

Exclusive pictures reveal that the recent government crackdown on the street vendors in the Downtown area has left them the worse for wear, struggling to make ends meet in their abandoned new location in Turgoman.

Cairo's hard-pressed street traders are facing a life of misery as they are forced to sell their wares in a desolate disused bus garage miles from their original pitch.

Our exclusive CairoScene pictures show that the move from prime Downtown locations such as Talaat Harb Street to the dingy site near Turgoman bus garage has left many traders on the breadline.

Our undercover shots were taken in the peak of the Friday afternoon rush when many shoppers formerly flocked to the city's shopping hotspots to purchase goods and clothing.

However the desolate new site means many traders now face a harsh new reality amid fears of arrest and even jail time if they attempt to return to their previous pitch areas.

The scheme has left many traders with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Groups representing the traders are currently locked in an ongoing battle with government officials in an effort to return the traders to their previous home.

The move comes after government officials launched a hardline campaign last month to remove unlicensed traders from the Downtown area. Since then, hundreds of street sellers have been forced to relocate under the scheme.