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Falafel Saves Man, Donkey Dies

A Palestinian man was saved, after he disembarked off his donkey to get some fool and falafel, seconds before an Israeli airstrike killed his faithful creature.

In the latest of their carefully targeted precision airstrikes, Israel has killed an innocent donkey, narrowly missing a garbage collector as he stopped to eat falafel and fool at a Gaza restaurant.

The botched strike happened on Saftawi Street near Jabalia, when garbage collector Saad Dabour he stopped on the roadside to have lunch. Saad Dabour, a garbage collector, told how seconds before an Israeli airstrike hit a motorcyclist.

He added: "Only a few seconds later, I heard a blast, and when I turned back to see what had happened. I saw the motorbike ablaze and its driver was lying on the ground." Dabour claimed that after he had recovered from the shock, he noticed that his donkey was riddled with shrapnel from the missile. 

The helpless donkey wound up a casualty of an Israeli missile strike that also injured a motorcyclist and a 12-year-old passerby. In late November, Gaza authorities announced that local municipalities had been forced to use donkeys in order to collect garbage and waste from cities and villages across the region due to major fuel shortages.

Wow, well done Israel for wiping out a terrorist donkey, a 12-year-old child and an innocent garbage collector going about his daily work.

Bravo guys, a real class act.