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Fawazeer Puts the Fun Back in Ramadan

The brightest, boldest and most ravishingly retro Ramadan tent this year, Fawazeer brings back good old fashioned fun at Le Meridien Cairo Airport. We speak to mastermind Ziad El Kerdany to find out more...

Once upon a time, before certain television shows which shall remain unnamed decided that terrorising celebrities was the way to do funny, Ramadan humour was all about some good old fashioned riddles and Fattouta. Back in the day – okay the 90s, it’s not like a century ago – Fawazeer reigned supreme during this month of konafa and karkadeh. Ah we laughed, we pondered riddles, we failed to solve the riddles…good times, good stuff.

Anyway, this year we’ve moved on to things like Nelly Karim’s hot husband and the fascinating graphics on Alf Leila Weh Leila. Modern times. But, there’s good news for those hoping that the 90s would be making a comeback soon. Located on Le Meridien Cairo Airport’s terrace, Fawazeer is bringing back the spirit of a bygone era this Ramadan with a colourful venue hosting daily delicious Oriental Sohours. And, last but not least (actually even better and more important), 90s staple fawazeer is back in a big way – on gigantic 5x4 screens that will be displaying the famous show every night at the kheima.

Ziad El Kerdany, the man behind the F&B operations of Heliopolis hotspot The Garden, and infamous House festival Sandbox, as well as several other large scale operations is off on another project and this time around he’s going to amp up our everlasting Ramadan spirit with his 90s themed Ramadan tent. Because for real, who doesn’t wish the 90s were back? El Kerdany got the idea from the classic Fawazeer shows which were previewed on local TV where he always had an undying passion to win but sadly never did. Don’t sweat it El Kerdany, we didn’t either. It’s a hard knock life when it comes to Fawazeer.

Over the years, El Kerdany moved on to do a variety of different things but the dream he kept close to his heart never faded and that’s when he decided that this year, he would create the opportunity for others to relive Ramadan in the 90s the way it should be with the chance to solve a fazoura. Because dammit what’s Ramadan without some Fawazeer!? If you were not a 90s baby and you didn’t get to experience this blessed, sacred tradition, now’s your chance! And if you were and you grew up with these, yalla, what are you waiting for? You know how badly you want to win. Plus there’s oodles of delicious Sohour bites to console you if you lose. Kofta and kebda and wara2 3enab, oh my!

Anyway, moving on, the Fazouras will not only bring you inner peace and a great, great sense of accomplishment but if you win you could get your hands on a whole range of nifty prizes! Every night will also feature a variety of fun games and competitions, where prizes are also up for grabs. Now some of these are really mind blowing. We swore a sacred oath we would never reveal what some of these prizes are. A weekend in a resort. Okay, so we lied.

But is that enough? El Kerdany doesn’t think so. He’s also loaded his Sohour agenda with a diverse selection of entertainment; expect a magnificent stage hosting underground bands preforming every Friday to make sure that every ear is amused and delighted by the end of the night! Last but not least, there will also be a PlayStation, Xbox and Wii corners for the eager gamers.

If you want to book the place to host a large Iftar, you can do that too. Food, Fawazeer, and all around fun times. What are you waiting for?

You can check out their Facebook page here or call 02 22659600 for reservations.