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Fayoum Opens Its First Solar-Powered Dairy Factory

Half of the dairy factory's power needs are currently met with its new 100 kilowatt solar power plant, with another in the works.

The first solar-powered dairy production plant has been inaugurated in Fayoum’s Azizia village. The factory previously used natural gas generators, taking enormous amounts of energy from its local electrical network. Now, half of its power needs are met with its new 100 kilowatt solar power plant.


And they're not done yet. A second 100 kilowatt plant is in the works, meaning that the 200 kilowatts required to run the factory completely will soon be achieved with 100% solar energy, freeing the factory from non-renewable energy sources.

As part of Vision 2030, Egypt has been encouraging the use of all renewable energies as sustainable substitutes, alongside their plans to install ground and rooftop solar panel projects in 65 government buildings and in agricultural industries.