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Fingerlock is the One and Only Indoor Rock-Climbing Haven in New Cairo

In partnership with Gold’s Gym in New Cairo, Fingerlock is the indoor rock-climbing school offering courses for both beginners and advanced climbers.

Dubbed the only specialized indoor rock-climbing wall in Egypt, Fingerlock is the ultimate escape for rock-climbers. With its 12M  high wall and over 20 possible routes, the school – launched in 2015 in partnership with Gold’s Gym – has become rather popular for daredevils in training. Whether you’ve experienced rock-climbing before, a newbie wanting to get fit, or are finally tackling that fear of heights you pretend not to have, the school offers courses for every level.

“Climbing really helps you discover your limits and your boundaries,” Islam Sherif – who founded Fingerlock along with Amr Bialy - told CairoScene. Sherif's love story with climbing first began in Thailand in 2012, leading him up the route towards building his own school. “It’s not just about physical fitness, and your readiness to practise. In a lot of ways, it’s like a mind game and each route is like a puzzle, in which you have to figure out your next step up.”

Their beginner or intro 2-hour sessions teach you safety techniques, proper climbing form, routing systems, how to use the climbing equipment, and pretty much all you need to know about climbing. After you pass the session, you’re free to start climbing on your own. If you’re an experienced climbers, you can take advantage of advanced classes to help you up the challenge and push yourselves to the limit. Fingerlock uses the French grading system to rate the difficulty of their routes, which provides an international synchronized system to allow climbers to know what level they’re at when they climb anywhere in the world.

“Requiring focus, climbing is really a way to empty your mind from being busy every single day," said Sherif. “It’s a sport that offers you meditation, lose focus on everything else and only focus on your next move.”

The space is open every day except on Thursdays and Fridays.To try your hands (and feet) at Fingerlock, you can reserve your intro session by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram. And if you're an advanced climber, you can simply walk in!