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First Egyptian Man to Compete in International Mr. Supranational Pageant

Mahmoud Ismail will become the first Egyptian man to compete in Mister Supranational this December in Poland.

According to a Youm7 interview, Mahmoud 'Ouda' Ismail was selected as Mr. Supranational Egypt and is set to compete against 40 contestants from around the globe in the first edition of international Mister Supranational in Poland.

He said it all started when he attended Miss Egypt 2016 to cheer for his friend who was competing – there, he wore a unique suit, and was approached by more than one agent about competing in beauty pageants for men. He politely took it as a compliment. Apparently, a few days later, he was called by one of those who approached him, who sent an email to the organiser of the Mister Supranational Egypt and convinced Ismail to apply. 

He won due to his authentic Arab features, he believes. He tells Youm7 that, as someone who is always used to being number one, it's one of his dreams is to become a fashion model, which he would pursue alongside his work as a successful manager to a car showroom.

Good looking man with big dreams, Ismail seems to be more than ready to head off to Poland in December and bring home the cake.

Images courtesy of Youm7.