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Float in a Benz, Bling Like Ali

The greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali makes headlines once again, this time because his ridiculously blinged out Mercedes is up for auction. Are you listening, rich Arabs?

Arguably, the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, is also the greatest Muslim celebrity of all time. This legendary athlete has a history of social activism and accomplishments that require their own lengthy article to do him justice. But the reason Muhammad Ali is finding himself in this week's news cycle is because his 1959 Mercedes Golden Angel Wing is being put up for auction. One look of this car, and you will realise that Ali may have in fact be the first to invent the word bling.

The bumper, headlamps, knobs, grills and switches are all made of 23 karat gold, while the interior furnishings are all mink. “The appraisal on this vehicle is $1.5 million,” said Phil Waterford, the owner of Manteca Ford, who will be hosting the car for two weeks before it goes up for auction.

The proceeds from the auction will go towards fighting global hunger. The offers are already pouring in, and chances are will likely end up in a museum or in the garage of a rich Arab somewhere. Apparently, there is supposed to be a message behind all the mink and bling: “It is meant to glorify God … all the complexions of the human race,” Waterford tries to explain.

We highly doubt that was the message he was going for. We assume that all that bling was trying to say is “I am the greatest, dolla dolla billz y'all!” Muslim males aren't really supposed to wear gold but no one said anything about driving it!