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A pair of British inventors have created a flying bicycle. Take that E.T...

Since the dawn of time, man has had a deep-seeded desire to put a middle finger up to that sleazy slice of pressure and air tying us down to this rotting tomato we call earth. Icarus did it too close to the sun, R. Kelly sang about it whilst Bugs Bunny won a basketball match against those alien fuckers and, for Bob Marley, it was a way of life. There's an innate satisfaction and curiosity in finding new ways to fly high, ever since Leo Di Vinci done a scribble on some parchment and Leo Di Caprio stuttered his way through Aviator, and now, London-based company, XploreAir are the latest ballsy inventors to stand up to gravity and give it a kick in the spokes.

Designers John Foden, 37, and Yannick Read, 42, have made the first flying bicycle. They've spent two years working on the prototype called Paravelo which is capable of travelling at speeds of 15MPH on land and 25MPH in the air! Crazy.

E.T get your arse back here.