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Football Fanny

Qatar's new World Cup stadium is a Freudian slip...

It's a hot sweaty afternoon at the World Cup headquaters in Doha. Accountants, architects, FIFA officials and Sheikhs converse aggressively and submissively around a board room. They are discussing the design of the World Cup stadium set to host the greatest players in the universe come 2022.

Now, it's said man thinks about sex at least once every 10 seconds, but in a region where exposure to sex is limited to a raunchy yoghurt ad on TV or a cheeky ankle bared underneath an abaya on the street, man more than likely thinks about sex every second of his life. 

At some point in this design meeting, the sexual repression became too much. Someone must have brought out his pen and started sketching an idea subconsciously. In the forefront of his mind it looked slick, modern and represented the rich cultural heritage in traditional Islamic architecture, but alas, when all was said and done and everyone else nodded in agreement for commencement of construction, the result was in fact a vagina.

Qatar, always boasting the biggest and newest everything in the world, will now build the biggest vagina in the world. In this World Cup, everyone scores.

Check out the video below and let us know: does the Al Wakrah World Cup stadium look like female genitalia?