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Forget Football, These 3 Egyptian Athletes Are Conquering Their Sports

In Judo, Tennis, and Romanian Wrestling, these athletes are going places thanks to Inertia Egypt.

Forget Football, These 3 Egyptian Athletes Are Winning Gold for Egypt

With extensive coverage of football happenings, the fact that Egyptians are killing it in many other sports usually flies over our head. Not only are we world champions in sports that don't get much recognition, we also have a few rising stars in almost every sport known to man. Throughout this past year, a few names surfaced as trailblazers in a number of sports, namely Ramadan Darwish in Judo, Hassan Hassan in Romanian Wrestling, and Layla Shoukry in Junior Tennis.

Fully empowered and supported by Inertia Egypt, the three athletes have garnered global recognition for their masterful skills. Darwish, for starters, has won the prestigious Montreal Grand-Prix Championship this year, and he is currently ranked as the 6th best Judo player in the world, let alone being the 4th on the Olympics World Chart in the weight of 100 KG. Bet you were too busy watching AFCON to know that, now weren't you? Hassan is another player also doing Egypt proud, snatching the gold at the African Championship earlier this year in the weight of 72 kg. Onto Shoukry, one of Egypt's most accomplished juniors of any sport, who has cemented her lead by winning the African Tennis Championship in Algeria this year in the ladies individuals, all the while massively contributing to the victory of Egypt's National Team at the championship. Shoukry was ranked the first in Egypt and Africa in 2018, and was ranked the 2nd in Africa and Egypt 2019.

The three champions are getting far in their fields, which wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Inertia Egypt's constant support. Providing them with means to access the tools, training facilities, technical support, and even psychological support, Inertia Egypt aims to prep the up-and-coming champions to represent Egypt in the 2020 and 2022 Youth Olympics.

So next time you get all hyped up because of a minor football win, take a moment to think (and appreciate) of such outstanding athletes bringing home gold in each and every other sport..

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