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From Africa to Cairo Jazz Club: AfriCairo Is Here!

With Cairo being the biggest capital city in Africa, we need more African music up in here!

We tend to forget that we're in Africa, and sometimes, we tend to forget our city is the biggest capital city in Africa. We should always look for more connection to the whole mother continent, and luckily, some places in this gorgeous, African, bustling city always manage to make us expand our knowledge and musical taste. It forces us out of our headphone-comfort zone and makes us experience something totally different and strange – in a good way. That's what the Cairo Jazz Club is all about: welcoming all types of music, and inviting all types of people to share it with.At this point, we can't help but remind you that AfriCairo is going to be performing at CJC this week. Led by Egyptian-Eritrean musician Ahmed Omar, AfriCairo exemplifies pan-African that brings together the rich musical traditions of both Africa and the Orient into an adventurously bombastic combination. In case you were having an identity crisis, on August 20th at 10:00 PM, you'll definitely get a dose of Africanness to stick with you forever.For more information about Cairo Jazz Club, visit their Facebook and Instagram