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GUC Nazi Blueprint?

Viral pictures of the aerial view of the German University in Cairo have sparked major controversy online due to the building's similarity to a symbol favored by a certain notorious German party, headed by a certain toothbrush-moustachioed leader.

World War three could be about to break out after a down-market Egyptian newspaper published bizarre images alleging Nazi links to a top Cairo university.

Al-Mowgaz printed the bombshell snaps, which claim to show an aerial view of the German Univerisy Cairo campus - in the shape of a swastika.

Meanwhile the snaps have since gone viral, sparking fuehrer-ious debate online. Many users claimed that the uncanny pics were merely the product of a clever photoshop dictator, while others point to architecture trends of the time.
One Facebook user commented saying, "If it's true, I'm fairly certain it's stupidity, not malice! It can't be intentional, right, naaaaaaah! No way - mesh momken!"
Another said, "Check Deutsches Historisches Museum, war propaganda section, you will find out that several similar buildings were built across Europe. I think their Egyptian operations office has not yet received the news that that war is over."
Further, a GUC spokeswoman today branded the claims "ridiculous" but declined to comment further.
Meanwhile, a senior GUC teaching assistant told Cairo Scene: "We all know about that, we've been joking about it for years."