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Gabriel Pool Club Has a Wet Weekend Planned For You

DJs Nourre Fahmy, Sebzz, Carlos, and Fuzzy to spin you into oblivion this weekend at the gorgeous Gabriel Pool Club.

Don't let the Gregorian calendar fool you, summer is still alive and kicking. Sheltered in your air conditioned bubble, it is easy to be tricked into believing summer is over. So now that you know, what are you going to do about it? Pump your car full of gas and drive to the nearest coast to swim in treacherous shark-infested waters? Now is that a responsible thing to do considering the environmental cost, basic common sense, and The Gabriel Pool Club?!

Sorry we lost it back there, we just can't see how someone in their right mind wouldn't want to spend the weekend in this aquatic haven befitting of a decadent hip-hop music video! If your plans for this long weekend do not involve reclining on a pool-side lounger at The Gabriel gorgeous Pool Club, swimming till 2 AM, engaging in some serious hydro-ass-shaking to the beats of DJs Nourre Fahmy & Sebzz on Friday and Carlos and Fuzzy on Saturday, then you, my friend, are beyond help. 

However, if the above has in some way helped you back to your senses, you can also expect a warmup by The Gabriel Pool Club resident DJ Amr Fatouh and a serenade by the sultry voice of songstress Heidi, all while floating on a beanbag in their vast pool with a mojito in hand and something to snack on!

In our minds, this totally sounds like a series of champagne bottles being popped open and fireworks going off!

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