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Gehad's Hashtag Jihad

Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Gehad El Haddad might be Twitter enemy number one, but he sure does bring out the best in Egyptian humour...

Gehad Haddad has become a Disney-esque villain in the pantomime that is Egypt's political landscape, but instead of a crystal ball or a wand, he is armed with skewed intellect and sharp British accent that would make a pig commit suicide out of fear of being haram. Yesterday, a ridiculously petulant #GehadElHaddadIsABigLiar hashtag started to trend on Twitter. Even more ridiculously, the Muslim Brotherhood began to circulate #GehadElHaddadShowedMe themselves to levitate him to a shining light of fortitude; a political north star. But unfortunately for the Brotherhood, it backfired and #GehadElHaddadShowedMe that the Egyptian silver tongue and dark humour is still alive and kicking, despite the turmoil...