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Get Tipsy, Get Lucky

There's a new bar opening in town soon, and we've got the down low. Get ready, Maadi!

There's a new bar opening up in Maadi, and its name pretty much sums it up. Aptly named Tipsy, this place will probably end up the go-to location for Maadi-ites and Cairenes in general wanting to do just that. The new venue, located on Road 257, is a cool mix between restaurant and bar – think dinner and drinks on weekdays and cools DJs and tipsy shenanigans on the weekends. In fact, the place will be open all day, serving up both food and colourful cocktails (umm midday drinks anyone? Ditch work).

The place itself is a study in ultra-modern décor, all stark black punctuated by moody blue lighting in glowing strips on the wall and squares on the floor. It essentially has something for everyone, from the foodie to the die-hard drinker. You've got your chilled out lounge-y area, your standing bar, your actual bar, a proper sit-down dinner area, and the high tables. So whether you feel like a post-work drink, a drunken brunch, or some nocturnal shenanigans, they've got you covered.

They've also got some awesome themed nights planned, which we personally can't wait to try out. Not the tired karaoke nights every bar in the city seems to have, but instead, they’ve gotten creative; they'll be having open mic nights, live bands, and our personal fave, drinking games nights (we would totally dominate). BRING ON THE SHOOTERS! The bar will also see some of the city's hottest DJs hitting it up on the weekends for their party nights. AND, you have the option of ordering a jug of your order, sangria-style. So, if you're all drinking vodka Red Bulls, you can just order a whole jug of it for the table (or for yourself, whatever, no judgement), which is way more cost effective than ordering drink by drink. Their unofficial motto, plastered on one wall, is Get Tipsy, Get Lucky. Sounds like a plan.

Ooh and the cherry on top, they've also got an epic sushi menu. There's nothing we love more than a good sushi platter accompanied by three to thirteen glasses of wine.