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Gezira Club Thug Nabbed With Bag of Dead Cats

On the heels of the Gezira Club cat killings scandal comes news that a professional animal hunter was arrested leaving the club with a bag full of dead cats.

The sickening Gezira cat massacre took another cruel turn yesterday when a known animal hunter was arrested leaving the club, clutching a bag filled with dead cats.

Cops nabbed Abdul Hakim Ramadan, who works as a professional animal hunter, while escaping the Gezira Club holding a sack filled with dead cats.

There are now fears that heartless Gezira club bosses may be attempting a sick cover-up following a huge public outcry after 50 cats were murdered at the up-scale Gezira Sporting Club.

The cover-up has sparked outrage among animal rights activists who claim that club officials have blood on their hands.

Protest organiser Hoda Mahmoud told CairoScene: "It really is beyond cruel and there is no humanity in what they did. They are criminal. The man who can hire a professional animal killer can hire a professional human killer."

During a protest earlier this week, the club's security thugs were filmed manhandling CairoScene journalists who attempted to meet with club officials and demand an apology alongside a sizeable donation to an Egyptian animal charity.

Gezira club bosses have so far refused to apologise over the massacre.

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