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Give a Friend: Win with Jabra!

Jabra Egypt is back with another massive competition, this time asking you to name and shame your friend with the worst taste in music, and they can win a pair of Revo Wireless Headphones so you don't have to listen to their crappy choices anymore!

We all have that super mostafez  friend who has terrible taste in music. It's OK. Everyone has different influences. Some people may have been brought up surrounded by their parents Rock vinyls and some may have been brought up fist pumping to Trance music in dingy nightclubs, but taking their music out of context usually means a headache for those around them. No one needs to hear Shaabi music blaring during office hours, and no one will think you're any cooler if they can hear your weird Experimental glitch beats.

Now you have the chance to force your friends to keep their music to themselves with Jabra's 'Give My Friend' competition. The sound experts are giving away a pair of Revo Wireless Headphones which use state-of-the-art technology developed over the best part of a century. They work through bluetooth so you can put your phone or MP3 player in your pocket and set your music free, with no sound leaks. 
All you have to do is head to the Jabra fanpage here, like the page and once you have done that, comment on their competition post tagging your friend who has the worst taste in music and why. They'll pick their favourite entry and announce it by Sunday 9th March. Good luck, shutting your friends up!
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