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Global Cat Pageant Happening in Cairo This Month

The pageant will be held on February 29th at Nile Dolphin Residence hotel.

cat pageant egypt

Listen, we used to literally worship cats in Egypt, so the real question is why this isn't a bigger deal. There’s an international beauty contest for the prettiest kitties taking place on February 29th at Nile Dolphin Residence hotel, which will bring together the most pampered precious pets from all around the world to compete for the title of most beautiful cat (although what cat isn't, honestly?). The pageant is organized by E-Cats under the Cat Fanciers’ Association, which is the world’s largest registry for pedigreed cats. Sounds purr-ety legit if you ask us. 

The competition celebrates all cats, so it welcomes both domestic and pedigree, and will witness a panel of judges from different countries from around the world. The kitties will be eligible for many prizes, which have yet to be announced. If you wanna show the world that your cat is the absolute cutest creature in all the land (not that they mind one way or another, of course - they're too busy being cool and scratching the furniture for silly human stuff like that), you can call 01226578956 to inquire about entry.




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