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Glow It Up At CJC

Local spinners Aguizi & Fahim and Gawdat will be taking over the decks but it's black lights galore at Cairo Jazz Club that are set to make this evening radioactive...

Beam up to the Cairo Jazz Club next week for an inter-dimensional experience with Deep-Tech stylings of Aguizi & Fahim and House spins of Gawdat. Next week’s Manic Monday is going to have even more insanity with the addition of black lights to give the party a radioactive vibe. Get your glow on and let your ionized particles free from 10PM on at the brightest and darkest party in Cairo! 
Couples should show up wearing whites or neons so you can get the fullest effect on the  luminous dance floor. Make sure you get a table reservation because this will fill up real quick, ‘cause you know, everybody wants to glow.
You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.