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Go Nuts To Win a Trip to Kiteloop

Crazypants nuts store Abu Auf, are encouraging fans to totally flip out to win a trip to Ras Sudr's gorgeous kitesurfing camp, Kiteloop. Here's how you can win...

It’s not often you get rewarded for flipping out. Usually you’d end up like, arrested and possibly in jail for the night. But nutty store Abu Auf, are all about going nuts. In fact, if you’ve seen one of their videos, you know they’re borderline mental-institution worthy. Any day now, they’ll be carted off to the psych ward. But that’s cool; they’re all about embracing your inner insanity. Don’t repress your feelings; let ‘em out, loud and proud.


Life is not always easy. #ItsOkayToGoNuts.

A video posted by Abu Auf House of Nuts (@abuaufshop) on Feb 9, 2015 at 4:43am PST

This time around, Abu Auf are encouraging YOU to go crazy. They’ve done their fair share, quite frankly – it’s time to pass on the insanity torch. They’re asking frustrated humans across the city to post an Instagram video of themselves, literally, going nuts, with the hashtag #ItsOkayToGoNuts and tagging @AbuAufShop. Don’t hold back – their favourite video wins an all-expenses paid trip Kiteloop Egypt.

The winner and their plus one, nab this all-inclusive trip to the seaside spot for 3 days, 2 nights (minus transportation). On top of that, they also get a free kitesurfing course while they're there! Kitesurfing's all about crazy adrenaline and stuff, so it's right up Abu Auf's alley. The crazier you go for this video, the more likely you are to win this insane trip to the beautiful beach-side spot. During this weekend getaway you can, y’know, calm down, chill out, and regain your mental health and pretend you're a carefree mermaid on the beach and all such things or you can keep channelling the crazy vibes with an energy-packed kite surfing course. So this video is your chance to seriously vent and then be rewarded for it.  

The competition starts today and you have two weeks to submit your entry. Go crazy.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @AbuAufShop.
You can find out more about Kiteloop here