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God is Great: He Made These Men

An American Muslim's "Sexy Men of Islam" calendar has been met with mixed opinions.

Hold on the your hijabs, ladies - a raunchy US sister has launched a calendar filled with hot Muslim misters. Ayesha Mattu has pulled the saucy stunt in an effort to showcase the sexiest men this side of the Sahara Desert and “shifting the narrative” when it comes to putting Muslims in the spotlight.

The response has been mixed with some commentators claiming the calendar promotes the exploitation of men - while others, understandably, love it.

Ahmed Shihab Eldin - Mr. May

Meanwhile "Mr. May," Ahmed Shihab Eldin, said that he was "thrilled" to be a part of the calendar. He said: "In all seriousness - I applaud you. I think it's interesting always trying to explore the way in which we promote, in the ways we interpret, what it means to be hot, what it means to be Muslim, what it means to be accomplished."

Here at Cairo Scene we say: Ladies, you're welcome.

Reza Arslan - Mr. December
Mr. January - Rehan Jalali