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Gouna Goes Green(er)

Just when you thought Gouna couldn't get any better...

To tell Gouna that they should be concerned with “going green” would be like preaching to the choir. Let's face it, Gouna is one of the cleanest places you can find in Egypt. The streets are so clean that you could lick a whole scoop of ice cream off of them and they would probably taste better than the ice cream by itself. There are trash buckets placed around the town....and there are actually different buckets for different types of trash. Amazing, right? No, it's just Gouna. But everyone can improve, so Gouna has taken it upon itself to have a Green Festival to celebrate Earth Day.

Since Monday and going all the way through until the 22nd of April, Gouna will be organising eco-friendly events to help promote healthy and renewable living in Egypt. Finally someone with some initiative. You can find the full schedule on their Facebook event page here. If you’re there today, be sure to hop on the Green Gouna Tour which will take you on a visit to the El Gouna farm. When you are there, you may finally learn that animals have feelings too... Just not enough to make us stop eating them.

Looking for a green place to stay while you save the environment? The Captain's Inn is always a great choice. Centrally located in the Abu Tig Marina, you can conserve tons of energy that you would spend walking to the beach and Loca Loca from any other hotel! Plus, if you say you were referred from their Facebook or Twitter when you book, you save money that can be recycled into beers later that night! We love being green.

Then, once you get hungry, make your way over the Bob's Hot Dogs. Rather than taking up a huge plot of land and using tons of energy, Bob's is a small little cart that packs a huge flavor punch. No carbon footprint here, but plenty of juicy hot dogs to power you up to go save the world.