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Government Creates Database to Track All Pharmaceutical Drugs in Egypt

Pharmacies, hospitals, companies, and factories to be connected through one gigantic network, allowing authorities to monitor drug production and distribution in the country.

Egypt's Ministry of Health announced the establishment of a comprehensive central network that comprises a database of all drugs manufactured and distributed in Egypt. The move comes in a continuous effort by the ministry to control the pharmaceutical market and eliminate unauthorised medications from being distributed. The announcement was made by the ministry's spokesperson for the Central Department of Pharmaceuticals Yassin Rajaei, Egypt Independent reports.

According to Rajaei, the drug monitoring system has already been implemented and has a proven track record of success in several countries. “The customer will be able to know if the drug is good or if it has been adulterated, smuggled, or is expired. This monitoring will eliminate the 'mafia' working in the pharmaceutical industry,” Rajaei says to Egypt Independent.

When implemented, all pharmaceutical factories, companies, hospitals, and pharmacies will be connected through the drug monitoring system to track both local and imported medication.