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Governor of Cairo Approves a Raise in the White Taxi Tariff

With the prices rising, taxi drivers deserve a break. But will they find this enough and start using their metres more regularly now?

In keeping up with the surge in prices Egypt has been experiencing, especially in the aftermath of the late lift of fuel subsidies and the free floatation of the Egyptian pound, the Governor of Cairo, Atef Abdel Hamid, approved a new tariff for the white taxi on Monday the 21st, according to Al Bawaba.

The new tariff would have the metres start at 4 EGP instead of the previous 3 EGP, and the per kilometre price will be set at 1.75 EGP instead of 1.40 EGP, which is an increase of 35 piasters per kilometre. The waiting rate will also increase by 14 piasters to stand at 39 piasters per minute (14 EGP per hour.)

The new tariff is currently being gradually activated among taxis, where some have already started operating by it.