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Grab Your ‘Galabeya’ Because Upper Egypt Is Getting Its First Cultural Festival

The event will be held from February 27th to March 3rd at the classical Dendara temple of Qena.

dendara temple

The Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism has officially announced that it will be hosting El S3eed’s first ever cultural fest in Qena. The Dendara Cultural Festival is meant to celebrate the city’s heritage by bringing us all back to our roots.

The event will be held from February 27th to March 3rd and will take place at the famed Dendara temple of Qena, a priceless site dating back to Pharaonic times. The temple is the perfect locale for the festival, its Greco-Roman architecture oozing with history.

A line-up of authentic and glittering young talents will be performing their musical acts during the onslaught of the festival. We can’t wait to see how the baladi bash will turn out, so you better clutch your 3emma because it's about to go down.