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Gulf Airline Emirates Resumes Flagship Airbus A380 Services to Cairo

On Tuesday, August 4th, Emirates announced that they will resume services of their luxurious Airbus A380 to Cairo, on account of lifting of Coronavirus restrictions.

emirates airbus A380

A trip on Emirates' Airbus A380 flights was one of those things we liked to fantasize about, even though our bank accounts would really rather we didn't. When they get to show off privacy doors where you can close off your seat from the rest of the plane, or a bar at its Onboard Lounge, or even its Shower Spa (like, come on), it's hard not to think about it... or at least, it was until a pandemic grounded all the flights anyway.

But last Tuesday, August 4th, we've been given the go-ahead to once again daydream about absurdly expensive luxury flights. The Airbus A380 will resume trips from Dubai to Cairo four times a week, starting sometime in the next few days. This comes as a result of Coronavirus restrictions getting lifted, allowing Emirates to gradually let their flagship plane fly to cities like Amsterdam, London, Prague and more.