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H&M goes online to bring fashion to your H-O-M-E

H&M has officially launched its Egyptian online store.

Tara Emad, H&M

It's time to heave a sigh of relief. There’ll be no more standing in line to try on clothes in stuffy dressing rooms, and there’ll be no more passive-aggressive side-eyeing sessions with random shoppers for that one last dress... in H&M, at least.

H&M, which specialises in organic, sustainable clothing, has officially launched its Egyptian online store. Shoppers can enjoy a special 10% discount on clothes purchased online and access to online-only pieces, including items from the Ladies’, Men’s, Kids’ and H&M Home collections.

The Swedish retail store opened its doors to the Egyptian public in 2008, with 13 stores currently spread across the country.

Photo credit: H&M