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Don't be evil.

Do you ever Google "Megan Fox nude" and think, jeez, I wish there weren't so many picture of Megan Fox nude here? Well, you're in luck! Introducing - the new search engine for the modern day Muslim. Search all your favourite things in the world without the fear of burning in the eternal fires of hell. Halalgoogling's Halal Filter System - as they've dubbed it - blocks content based on general category filtering and forbidden sites on a “black list.” It sifts through links and a list of “haram keywords,” which cannot be used to search on the website.

According to Pakistan’s Express Tribune, the haram filter has been developed by a worldwide team of “internet experts” to determine haram content and protect those Muslims who want to search the web without being exposed to it.

CairoScene gave it a go. Apparently, Stolichnaya is halal but UK-based electronic music outfit Fuck Buttons is haram.

So go ahead, don't be a kafir, and use