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Hany Shaker's Music Used For Israeli Police Force Recruitment

According to the singer who is suing the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, this conflicts with his own values and the values of Egyptian artists who support the Palestinians.

In another theatrical episode of Lawsuits with Hany Shaker (yes, we made it up), the Prince of Arabic Singing has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli Embassy in Cairo after the police force in Israel illegally used his music and a short video to recruit Arab-Israelis.

“This is theft of Arab art, and an Israeli assault on it… This damages the reputation of Egyptian artists who support the Palestinians and their rights, including the rejection of all forms of normalisation with Israel and which call for return rights to their owners,” Shaker told PNN.

Apparently the campaign was launched targeting Arab-Israeli residents who love the pop singer, thus rendering them more likely to join the Israeli Police Force. Shaker’s lawyer stresses that the singer strictly opposes normalising relations with Israel.

We now leave you with a little patriotism from The Prince himself.