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Heart Soul & Mind is Back With Cairo's Hottest 'House Party' in Maadi This Weekend

Join the old school fun on the 12th of October in BCA Maadi.

Next Thursday, Heart Soul & Mind strikes again with their House party series and promise to provide us with something special. Just like their last party, this one will also take place at the British Club in Maadi. 

The man running the show is party mogul Marc Wahba, who’s been a leading figure in the industry for years before moving on to found his very own events and production company Heart Soul & Mind. The young agency initially focused production for other clients, however, next weekend's house party, along with Wahbe's other series Isolée, is the beginning of Heart Soul& Mind own parties.

Unlike most events that promote themselves using big DJ names on the lineup and extravagant production, this promoter is selling a unique vibe. A carefully selected crowd and a fine attention to detail in the setup all feed to the intimate atmosphere Marc Wahba attempts to perfect in his events. This stems from the promoter’s personal yearning for a new type of party that will inject diversity into the scene, “I personally miss that raw, high school type of fun”, says Wahba.

This intimate party series promises no more than 300 people, with a line up that includes selectors rather than DJs, playing everything from funk and rock to pop and disco. What is meant here by selectors is that they do not necessarily have an extensive DJ career or experience in mixing, but rather years of listening to and amassing a vast diverse collection of music. The selectors of this party are one of the Nacelle bosses Moez, Luca, and finally singer/songwriter Hashem Saifi.

Straying away from overpriced beer and pretentious cocktails, Heart, Soul & Mind are serving delicious alcoholic beverages at affordable prices in their bid to make partying in Cairo a less financially-straining occurrence as it is now.

There you have, hot lineup, good company, affordable drinks, and some good old fashion, proper, fun. We're sold! 

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