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Is This the Most Over-Produced Revolutionary Music Video Ever?

In a grander production than the Hollywood-style ISIS propaganda videos that flood the web, Kurdish Pop star Helly Luv fights back with a glamorous, epic seven-minute music video.

ISIS managed to gain global awareness to their campaign of terror off the back of overly produced and edited execution videos which unfortunately went viral. Looking to take a stand against ISIS using the same medium, singer Helly Luv’s has released an epic anti-ISIS music video which not only makes ISIS video work look amateur, but also makes Haifa Wehbe look like has-been.

Being dubbed as the “Kurdish Shakira,” Helly Luv bravely decided while visiting Peshmerga forces fighting ISIS to film her latest music video Revolution in Al-Khazr, a town not far from Jihadists front lines. We’re not exactly who was financially backing the video by right from the get go, the video seems to have a Hollywood budget complete with explosions and special effects.

The video begins with a peaceful that quickly turns dark as extremists invade the town. As residents flee the invasion, Helly Luv is seen walking the opposite way armed with golden heals and a ‘Stop The Violence” sign as she faces off with a tank, Tiananmen Square style. Trying to unify the world against ISIS, the video is mix of soldiers engaging in battle juxtaposed with demonstrators holding signs that have a plethora of religious symbols as well as calls to end war and stop violence. Talking to AP, Helly Luv explains her decision of filming on location saying “There were some who warned me against going there, but I insisted that filming be in real places affected by Daesh [ISIS] terrorism."

Surely, this music video will not end the current violence, and some will argue that this just another attempt to capitalise on calls for revolution, that only benefit the singer’s stardom and not the cause. However, according to her online biography, she has a personal connection with Pershmerga fighters, as Helly Luv AKA Helan Abdulla was born in Iran in 1988 at a time when her grandfather fought with the force. Fearing Saddam Hussein’s growing rule, her family fled to Finland, before moving to L.A to pursue a music career.

We can only speculate that the budget for this epic seven-minute video was provided by someone in the States looking to capitalise on her background. The video is sung in English and at times is cringe worthy, which may be due to the over stylised manner in which the video is presented. It seems like a lot thought went into her image as opposed to lyrical substance. In just two weeks the video has almost garnered a million views, which is 10 times the amount of views her previous video got.