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Help Feed the Hungry this Ramadan with Uber and the Kamel Karamak Campaign

Giving back to the community and feeding the less fortunate has literally never been easier.

Uber already has a special place in our hearts for saving us countless hours and several nervous breakdowns trying to find a parking spot, but this Ramadan, they're going a step further and giving back massively to the community. Joining forces with Lipton and Knorr as part of their Kamel Karamak campaign to help spread generosity, Uber is doing their part and giving back to the community by handing out a meal to someone in need for every ride.  

There are approximately 3.5 million hungry people in Egypt and yet 30% of food goes to waste nationwide. This year's Kamal Karamak (Continue Your Generosity) campaign aims to educate consumers about food wastage and inspire change. The video reminds us of the privileges we all get to enjoy during Ramadan, largely in the form of a table heaving under the sheer amount of food on it, and how much food waste there is after Iftars in general. To help out those who don't have the luxury of massive feasts during Ramadan - who don't even have access to decent meals - you can get involved in the easiest way possible. All you have to do to be part of a change is use a small feature on a phone app. You don't even have to leave your spot on the couch watching your mosalsal.

So how does it work? All one has to do on the Uber app is tap to enter the promo code KAMELKARAMAK in the Promotions section, move the icon on the slider at the bottom of your screen to KamelKaramak, set your location and request your ride and voila! Nothing changes in the fare but for each trip you take on this view, they donate a meal to someone in need! It's pretty neat considering that not only is Uber aiming for 10,000 trips through this campaign (which means 10,000 meals you guys!) but also the fact that they're partnering up with Lipton, Knorr, and the Egyptian Food Bank means quadruple the charitable efforts. 

However, this won't be possible except if all Uber-lovers embark on this challenge as well, so ride on!
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