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Tom Hanks & Daniel Craig Praise Egyptian Film Clash

Tom Hanks wrote a personal letter to the film's director Mohamed Diab praising his movie. An Oscar is usually not far off.

Two-time Academy Award winner and Hollywood’s nicest guy Tom Hanks wrote a letter to Eshtebak (Clash) director Mohamed Diab congratulating him for the film’s great success saying: “CLASH will go great lengths to enlighten many. Audiences will see that humanity is a fragile community, but we are all in ‘this’ together.”

We know, what the hell does Hanks know right? He is only one of the most prolific actors in film history, but we are going to venture he knows a thing or two about great directing judging by his strong friendship with Steven Spielberg which saw him star in most of his movies, so yeah.

Diab just shared the letter dated June 22nd, 2016 on Facebook to encourage people to go watch Clash as it has just been cleared for screening here in Egypt and is available in theatres starting tomorrow July 27th. However, the director believes it may be pulled out in a few days due to the political hysteria surrounding it. In his post, Diab also reveals that he has received a similar message from British Bond actor Daniel Craig.