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How Do YOU See Music?

Jabra Egypt are at it again, this time launching a massive photography competition with our mates Find out how to win big!

Ok, you know by now that Jabra Egypt is on a giving spree. The latest in their string of competitions might just be our favourite. The sound experts, working in the industry and producing professional equipment since 1983, are bringing noise to our dear country with the release of their Solemate range. Rugged, durable and with seriously crisp sounds, this range of portable, wireless speakers have invaded the homes, parties and beaches of those in the know, and now you can get your hands on one.

Jabra Egypt are teaming up with our sister site to bring music to life. CairoZoom has captured some of the best musical moments this city has seen, and now it’s your turn. All you budding photographers out there (whether of the professional DSLR kind or the casual Instagram kind) can enter the competition simply by sending CairoZoom a photo of how YOU see music. It’s as simple as that. Whether visualising music to you means a rave and glow sticks or a serene drive through the dessert with your favourite track on, CairoZoom wants to see what you see when you think of music. All the entries will be posted in an album on Jabra Egypt’s Facebook page, and the photo with the most like wins! Here’s our entry:

To enter, send your snap to  with your name and Facebook link (so we can tag you) and keep your eyes on the Jabra Egypt fan page to see your photo uploaded and get your friends to vote for you. The competition closes for submissions on April 7th, 2014 and the winner will be announced on April 14th.

Check out the album of entries here.