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How To Spot Someone from Maadi

5 Ways to spot a Maadi person in your social circle. Or they'll probably just tell you themselves.

Ever been at a gathering and tried to guess which Cairo hood every person present was from? Let’s be real. We’ve all done it. And most of the time, you can deduce every person’s whereabouts within the first five minutes of a sitting. If you're good enough. Here's how to spot a Maadi kid.

They all have breakfast at TBS Road 9 on Fridays 

If you’re not a Maadian, then you know not to go to TBS on Road 9 on Fridays because that place be crowded AF. Why? Well, because the entirety of Maadi will be having breakfast there, blissfully unaware of how crammed the place is. There are literally two tables guys. 

They have an undying love for Greco 

And they will let you know. To spot a Maadi person, you have to count how many times they mention Greco and how amazing it is. The more they mention it, the more Maadi they are. The more Maadi they are, the more they’ll suggest Greco as a hangout spot. 

They never want to leave Maadi 


If you live in Maadi, then your whole life resides in Maadi. You live, breathe, eat Maadi. You plan on getting married there, raising your kids there, and pretty much never ever leaving it.  

When they do leave Maadi, it's to go to Katameya

When you do ask a Maadian to leave Maadi, they'll reply with an uneasy 'Tab eshta, Katameya?'. Why it is Maadians will only leave Maadi for Katameya, we will never know.  

They all have a few foreigner friends.

If you’re from Maadi, then you have at least two designated foreign friends. And that makes sense, because lots of foreigners live in Maadi. And they are all your friends. 

They don't think Maadi is a maze

If you’ve never gotten lost in Maadi, then you’re probably a Maadian. Why? Because all the streets look the same and for some reason Maadians know how to get from place to place without any trouble. Is it because they're all a part of some Maadi cult we don't know about? We will never know. 

They all know each other 


Maadi is a community. But unlike any other Egyptian community, Maadi people are overly familiar with one another. 

They bond with other Maadians instantly

Upon meeting other Maadians for the first time, they will bond and most probably exchange BFF necklaces within the first five minutes. A Maadi bond is a bond that lasts a lifetime. And grows stronger once Maadians venture out into the outside world that is other Cairo neighborhoods. 

They all hang out at kiosks 

Whether it’s koshk Victoria or koshk El Holla, Maadians are at it. And if you’re not, then you’re simply not Maadi enough for the rest of us.