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How to Annoy an Egyptian Mother

Because there's not much else to do during curfew. Works on grandmothers too.

1. Tell her Mohannad is ugly:

2. Say you don't like the molokheya (even though the maid's the one cooking, your mother will almost always turn into Gordon Ramsay reincarnate):

3. Slam the door. Leave the door open. Don't open the door if the bell rings. Just do anything near the door:

4. Say you don't want to get married:

5. Leave your shebsheb turned over (then try and dodge it when it comes flying at your head):

6. Tell her you're going out on Haram Street: 

7. And that you're leaving the house wearing Miley Cyrus' short-shorts: 

We liked you more back when you were Hannah Montana

8. Ignore her Candy Crush Saga requests: 

9. Ask her who the old man with glasses in Pepsi's Ramadan commercial is: 

10. Tell her you're moving out: