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How to Spot Someone From Heliopolis

From Hermes belts to a professed love of sushi, you know you're from Heliopolis when...

Heliopolis creatures are a living, breathing, breeding breed, that never ceases to amaze us. From their habitual hangouts to matching their sneakers to their polos, they're pretty easy to spot. Popped collars on the guys and tribal prints for the girls are just the beginning... 

Wining, Dining and Dating

- Both males and females are rarely ever single, however, the relationships they're in are very emotional, which often lead to public scenes with both parties using loud voices.

- The couples often refer to each other as babez. EH YA BABEZ?

-They're always reviewing stuff, but not on Yelp!, on Facebook. Like their critiquing voices need to be heard, as if it was of any importance.(YA BEE2A)

- Heliopolis lads and gals also seem to have a mere fascination with overly sugared fruit juice, in which they can indulge on any street corner in their district.

- They claim to love sushi and they go on and on about it, and when you finally take them to a sushi restaurant they only order tempura fried rolls, which is an abomination and a disgrace to sushi, but it's your mistake really for taking them for sushi in the first place.

- They claim ownership of Heliopolis hot spot The Garden, and whenever they see someone outside their wolfpack there, the first thing they ask is "meen el nas el ghareeba deh?"

Fashion and Lifestyle

- They obviously take quite a long time to get ready; you can tell by the overall fashion sense of a person who is trying too hard to make sure their logos show as much as their figures.

- Neons are somehow still a thing in that part of Cairo, as are eyebrow piercings and quote tattoos. Tribal prints have finally replaced florals. Crop tops are getting smaller and smaller.

- The men all go to the gym, making their popping veins as often as collars.

- Ripped jeans. All day, every day.

- Being from Heliopolis makes you for some reason want to race cars. Hot spots include 6th October Bridge, Salah Salem and Marghany Street. 


- It seems like this is part of Cairo inspires and creates the newest slang. From ya man, to ya bro, to saye3 kharteet, we believe that 90% of all slang originates from Heliopolis. While the rest of us use these words as a form of mockery, they take it to heart.